This collection of links summarizes previously developed computational tools focusing on caspase substrate cleavage predictions. These tools can be online webservers that can be employed to make predictions about caspase cleavage sites by submitting query substrate sequences, or websites that offers standalone softwares for users to download.

* CASVM: SVM approach for predicting caspase substrate cleavage sites using binary sequence encoding
* CasPredictor: caspase cleavage site predictor by taking into account the amino acid substitution index, and the presence of PEST-like sequences
* GraBCas: position-specific scoring prediction of potential substrate cleavage sites for caspases and granzyme B
* PoPS: a comprehensive bioinformatic tool that allows users to build computational models of protease substrate specificity
* PEPS: bioinformatic tool for predicting endopeptidase substrates
* PeptideCutter: empirical scoring function-based tool used to identify the cleavage sites of protease substrates
* MEROPS : a comprehensive database of proteases, their substrates and inhibitors
* CASBAH : caspase substrates database